Cardinal Otunga Plaza, Cardinal Otunga road, Nairobi

Jipange Investment Account


Enabling one to lock their savings according to ones objective as well as grant consistent savers opportunity to earn bonuses and participate in annual investment forums.

Features and Benefits

  • Competitive interest payable
  • Minimum interest earning amount Kshs 5,000
  • Free standing orders
  • Automatic loan qualification of upto 50% once savings
  • Repayment period of 1 year
  • Discounted loan interest for at least 1year consistent savings.
  • Opening/Operating balance of Kes 1000
  • Ability to lock ones savings based one’s goal
  • 3 free withdrawals per year
  • Pricing as per the tariffs schedule


      1. Original/Copy of ID
      2. KRA pin certificate copy
      3. Minimum operating balance of Kes 1000