The loan is advanced to members in registered groups.

To access this product, the requirements are:

  • Individuals in the group can acquire up to Kshs.300,000 to fund projects such as water tanks, emergency school fees and medical funds.
  • Group savings account must have 3-4 signatories.
  • Loan Security Deposit.


  • Dedicated relationship officer.
  • Co-guarantor ship by fellow group members.
  • Group forums to discuss investment opportunities
  • Loan period is 3 years

Loan designed to members in registered investment groups/companies engaged in common investments or individuals for onward aggregation or to the company based on their ability to repay.


  • Investment proposal
  • Guarantee by investment group directors on behalf of the shareholders.
  • Security is the investment itself
  • A Loan Security Deposit is required.
  • Loan term of up to 4 years.


  • The group can graduate automatically to project loan.