This product is tailored to provide business working capital loan to support business stock and expansion.


  • The loan term up to 3 years.
  • Loan size depends on the ability to repay.
  • The security options for this loan are: title deed, log books, listed shares at the NSE, Fixed Deposit, business stock, guarantors among others.
  • Competitive interest rates


  • The loan term of up to 12 months.
  • Loan amount of up to Kes 150,000
  • Loan Security Fund is required
  • The security options: Guarantors and business stock.
  • Competitive interest rates

An unsecured emergency loan advanced to business people.

  • Loan security fund is required
  • Monthly/daily repayment frequency is expected of the borrower.
  • Access up to Kes 500,000.
  • Loan term of up to 6 months

This is a loan tailored to customers who would want to acquire movable assets.


  • Borrower has to maintain a monthly Loan Security Fund.
  • The term of this loan is up to 3 years but varies from asset to asset
  • Active account operation of at least three months.


  • Disbursement in cheque/RTGS drawn in favour of the dealer/vendor.
  • Security is the asset comprehensively insured through Unaitas insurance agency and Unaitas interest duly noted on the cover.
  • Security perfection through NTSA portal.
  • Asset tracking is a requirement- through the approved service providers.