Unaitas Conference - 24 Aug 2012
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Exceptional Customer Service

Unaitas Chama's Conference - 24th August 2012

At Unaitas, we understand most chamas (investment groups) in Kenya are in the business of pooling resources for investment or welfare purposes as revolving fund groups. However, most of these chamas are unable to make strides economically due to factors such as poor investment choices, lack of visionary ideas, mismanagement and doing business from a social context.

Unaitas Sacco is challenging these,and other limiting factors to the growth of chamas towards real wealth generation, through a series of thought provoking workshops and conferences.

Our main aim is to prove that investment groups are powerful drivers of increasing their members’ wealth in the long term, when solidly founded and prudently maintained.

So if you’re a member of a chama or thinking about joining one, the Unaitas Sacco Chama Conference is your first step towards running an investment group and achieving its full potential.


Come, learn and get inspired on how best your chama can grow financially and generate tangible returns. The 1st Unaitas Chama conference be facilitated by:

  • Tony Wainaina - Origins Investment Group advisors.He brings strong expertise and experience in private equity, venture capital and corporate finance. will share and train on formation, management & investment planning of investment groups.
  • Dr. Wale Akinyemi - Power Talks. A leader in corporate and personal development consultancy, he will share invaluable insights and tools needed to give your investment chama an edge.
  • Unaitas Investment Team - With a purpose of making financial power more accessible to all, The Unaitas investment team will share the history & dream of the Sacco and how Unaitas products can best serve your chamas’ needs and realize its potential.
Know more on our speakersby clicking on these quick links:
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Also, hear and learn from those who have gone the extra mile with:
  • Two external case studies –through Origins IGA
  • Two internal case studies –through Unaitas SACCO
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